A live stream through the Internet continues to be a an super natural experience. Video streams, in particualr, appear and disappear like clouds in the sky on a windy day…

The worldwide simultaneousness breaks the space-time continum, as well as some people’s patience. Here in Krems, slum-tv is performing and we stream the content almost 24h per day. We broadcast the daily production of slum-tv and there is a special show everyday around 19h (GMT+1)

The network itself makes it very easy to get another stream in the net and restreamed in our own channel. The net is made to be an enormous speaker for the voices of the people. We had the plesure to meet Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir. They preach an idiosyncratic message of imaginative anti-capitalism and are totally great, I found my church!

Today is not less amazing. From Barcelona it is going on the 3rd Free and community media meeting and from slum-tv we are restreaming it. Info about the meeting: okupem les ones (”squat the waves”) Automated English