Title: Liquid Loft live atrean by thescreen

Location: Salzburg

Link out: Click here

UPDATED: check the video of the stream here

Description: Lovely Liquid Lounge

Tags: cultural codes, identity, jin xing dance theatre, liquid loft, transgression, undefined

liquid loft creates room. a liquid lounge. persons are moved. inside. sensitively. they talk about encoding, outfit, transgression, sound bytes, settings… they walk gently. almost levitating. no one steps in. no one stops the process. china is vast and this is too a good thing. the socialite, or shall we call her a lounge lizard, tells of winters in the private room. in the back Wan Tao is grinning. strangers are posing. divas are whispering secretly. things happening simultaneously, the performance escalates. one feels at ease…

sommerszene salzburg

Start Time: 19:00

Date: 2009-06-25

End Time: 21:00