Workshop and round table, 1st July 2010 @ CCCB, inside CCCBlab ICI (Investigació i innovació en l’àmbit cultural). Barcelona (CAT)

Second workshop 13th July

The CCCB has worked on the digitization of its documentary for more than three years. It is now fully searchable and offers to the visitors the materials of the activities organized since the foundation of the center in 1994. To mark the completion of this process, this session proposes a debate on the future of the archives from the horizon of the web 3.0 or the key issues of information architecture and data visualization, to the meaning to maintain and disseminate the knowledge generated files cultural institutions.

11h-14h / 16h-18h: Workshop ” display of data in archives “with Jaume Nualart i Mar Canet

The display of information not only serves to show, teach or represent archives and digital. It also serves to multiply the access, enhanced search and understand the data collections. In short, to transform data into knowledge. In this workshop we are challenged to propose tools and ways of viewing the newly digitized archive of the CCCB.

– 19h: Panel discussion “Future Files”, with Laurence Rassel , Jaume Nualart , Reig Dolors and Mario Perez-Montoro .

Slides of the presentation (here)