Last 8th & 9th of june I have been in the #hack3europe. A one day and a half hacking arround the largest european art data archive: Europeana.

I see Europeana as the most promising project in getting real benefits from open data era. Right now the Europeana‘s API is very simple. You can see it needs a lot more features to be comparable with , for ejemple, flickr one.

I really like the broad angle of the research in Europeana (See the list of thoughtlabs here). Currebntly nobody can tell what will be the most used semantic tools in 2012, so is the time of experiment. As much as we experiment, as fast we will get knowledge from data (the always 2.0’s dream?)

The session took place in Picasso Museum, in Barcelona (Catalonia). Really great organization, specially for the food and drinks, amazing. To say also something not that good: the beamer was too soft to appreciate most of the colors of the visualizations.  At the same days, some other hack4europe took place in (London, Barcelona, Poznan and Stockholm.

I (@jaumetet) participated with @jminguillona. We created a global view of Europeana (more than 19 milion entries) from the point of view of Datasets and aggregator’s sources.

You can visit an online version at