Last months I have been working in a very new project for me: software for theater. I used to play with theater long time a go, mainly writing and co-directing plays. But never did a software for a life performance.

This time is the last work of Roger Bernat, a successful catalan theater director that use to explore the participation and his works use to not to put actors on the stage.

Pendiente de Voto, by Roger Bernat

The play has the premiere tomorrow in Centro Dramático Nacional in Madrid at 19h. Are you coming? (chech here »)

The sofyware has been a colaboration with Mar Canet, an extraordinary programmer-artist and an specialist in stage and life performance. I must say that without him this work wouldn’t be possible: thanks Mar! 😀

I promise to publish an accurate description of the software we did and also the software itself very soon. Of course it will be publish under a free license, basically is python, OpenFrameworks and processing/arduino.

The play will travel arround (by the moment,SPain, Catalonia, France, Mexico….). For further information, please check Roger Bernat’s site »